Consign My Car

Our Goal: To Sell Your Car & Make You A Lifelong Customer At Ferrari Philadelphia

Why It Pays To Consign With Ferrari Philadelphia:

Our Heritage & Reputation

  • We are one of the longest standing and most revered Ferrari retailers in North America
  • Ferrari Philadelphia has a deep network of qualified, ‘serial’ luxury auto buyers for your car
  • We will only consign and sell cars that are of superb quality at fair market retail values

Marketing Expertise & Exposure

  • Ferrari Philadelphia has a beautiful and high traffic showroom, in the extremely affluent Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia
  • Ferrari Philadelphia has a team of digital marketing experts executing aggressive Google Adwords, Online Display, SEO, Social Media and Email campaigns to sell your car faster, at the highest retail value
  • Your vehicle will be featured with dedicated space on our state-of-the-art website
  • Your vehicle will be merchandised on the world’s most highly viewed 3rd Party automotive marketing sites

Trade, Finance & Market Evaluation

  • We offer financing; roughly 80% of cars sold are financed and we are capable of providing clients a vast array of options
  • Ferrari Philadelphia can accept trades which increases the potential number of buyers
  • Our resources, knowledge, and expertise, allow us to continually assess your vehicles market value

Many of your questions on consigning your car with Ferrari Philadelphia can be answered below.  If you are ready to talk with our team please fill out the form, email, call 610-527-1100 or Chat Now.

Ferrari Philadelphia Consignment FAQS

How long will it take to sell my car?
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With realistic retail market expectations, 70% of cars sell within 60 days.
How do I know what my car is worth?
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Our Sales Team are experts in evaluating the marketplace. They will provide you with a comprehensive vehicle assessment (CVA). The CVA will include data on what similar cars are selling for, how your vehicle stands up to comparable vehicles in the market, feedback on the current selling climate, and a marketing strategy for your vehicle including true expectations.
Can Ferrari Philadelphia provide reconditioning for my car Detail / Service / Repairs?
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Yes. Ferrari Philadelphia and its team of expert technicians and reconditioning staff, can manage your vehicles mechanical and appearance needs to make it ready for retail. Just put it in our hands and we will do the hard work for you.
What if there is an outstanding balance on my vehicle?
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Ferrari Philadelphia can execute the pay-off and title process including the transfer to the new owner of your vehicle. You will be provided a check for the difference between the balance and the agreed upon net sale. We process it all on your behalf.
Can you take in a trade on my vehicle?
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Yes. Your vehicle becomes part of our inventory and as such, will be treated with all of the benefits associated with our pre-owned inventory including the ability to accept trades.
Can my vehicle be financed by a potential buyer?
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Yes. Ferrari Philadelphia offers financing options with our lending partners and banks. All of our financing resources are available to the buyer of your vehicle.
What does Ferrari Philadelphia do that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish on my own?
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It starts with your car appearing on which pushes your car out to the major 3rd party automotive sales sites such as,,,,, and Our listings include a thorough vehicle description by our experts with more than 20 studio style photos. The time, expertise, and energy that we put into your vehicles online marketing can not be duplicated on your own. Our resources and expertise make all the difference.
Do I need an appointment to bring my car in?
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Not at all. We however recommend you set up a consultation to ensure the proper time is dedicated to your vehicle consignment.
What if I decide not to wait, can I just sell my car to Ferrari Philadelphia?
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Absolutely! We are in search, daily, for top shelf premium quality sports cars, luxury imports, exotics, and classic cars.