Ferrari Purosangue: Unlike Any Other

The Ferrari Purosangue is a mid-front mounted, naturally-aspirated V12 that exemplifies the Prancing Horse’s DNA, where performance, driving pleasure and comfort are first-class. Maranello’s iconic engine debuts in a brand new configuration and unleashes more power than any other in the segment. Italian for ‘thoroughbred’, the Purosangue is the first four-door, four-seater car in Ferrari’s history and speeds from 0-60mph in a mere 3.3 seconds.

The unmistakable V12 harmonics sing as the car races at top speeds up to 193mph. Do not be fooled by the commanding and elegant exterior, clutch performance delivers 35% higher torque during gear shifting. The mid-front mounted engine produces the highest amount of torque even at low revs and the gearbox in the rear has all of the true characteristics of a real sports car. The Ferrari Purosangue is perfect for the driver, and passengers, looking for sports car performance and desires to break the typical SUV mold. Imagine the excitement of screaming down the road in a Ferrari Purosangue to the Appalachian Mountainside.

The sleek, athletic exterior of the Ferrari Purosangue gives the impression of coupe proportions. Maranello deems the weight distribution (49%Front/51%Rear) optimal for a mid-front sports car. The layout and design is vastly different from other modern GT archetypes, i.e. crossovers and SUVs. The front grill has been replaced by a dihedral suspended on the lower section while slim DRL lights are sandwiched between 2 pairs of air intakes. The aerodynamic design is obvious at the front aero bridge which reduces drag. The Purosangue has unique floating wheel arch strips in order to prevent transverse turbulence. The imposing rear diffuser and suspended rear spoiler continue the intelligent, air funneling design at the rear.

Innovation is at the forefront of the radically designed Purosangue chassis. The world debut of Ferrari Active Suspension which has four hydraulic shock absorbers and electric motor actuator controls. The power of four: four-door, four-seater with independent 4-wheel steering and ABS ‘evo’ 2.0 controllers optimize performance in all road conditions. Meanwhile, the fuel injection system is constantly monitored by ECU and controls the combustion chamber to ensure the engine is working at peak thermodynamic efficiency. An obvious innovation is the lack of rear windshield wiper. The rear windsheild is cleaned by airflow directed along the windshield surface.

The Ferrari 4-seater Purosangue has rear-hinged back doors in order to ingress/egress with ease and reveal a surprisingly generous interior space. Once inside, you feel a remarkable sense of calm in the majesty of a front engine V12 GT. The Purosangue provides an ergonomic driving position with a connection to the car’s dynamic capabilities and the dual cockpit is extended to the rear passengers. Four electric, heated seats comfortably accommodate four adults. To boot, the Purosangue has the largest boot in a Ferrari and rear seats that fold to accommodate even more cargo.

  • Maximum Power 715 hp (725cv) at 7750 rpm
  • Maximum Speed 193 mph 310km/h
  • 0-62mph 3.3 seconds
  • Maximum Torque 528 lbs/ft (716Nm) at 6250 rpm
  • Maximum Revs 8250 rpm
Type 6.5L V12 – 65° – dry sump
Bore/Stroke 3.7in x 3.07in
Overall Displacement 6496cc
Compression Ratio 13.6:1
Specific Power Output 111 cv/l
Weight Distribution 49% Front 51% Rear
Fuel Tank Capacity 26.4gal (100l)
Dry Weight/Power ratio 2.80 kg/cv
Brake 100-0km/h 107ft (32.8m)
Maximum Speed 193mph (310km/h)
0 - 100 km/h 3.3 seconds
0 - 200 km/h 10.6 seconds
Tyres and Rims
Front 255/35R22 J9.0
Rear 315/30R23 J11.0
Front Winter
Rear Winter
Fuel Consumption
Combined Under Homologation
CO2 Emissions
Combined Under Homologation
Dimensions and Weight
Length 195.8in
Width 79.8in
Height 62.6in
Wheelbase 118.8in
Front Track 68.4in
Rear Track 67.7in
Dry Weight 4482 lbs
Front 398x38mm
Rear 380x34mm
Electronic Controls SSC 8.0: 4RM-S EVO, Ferrari Active Suspension Technology, F1-TRAC, ABS ‘EVO’ WITH GRIP ESTIMATION 2.0, ECS