SF90 Spider: Beyond Imagination

Pushing beyond imagination with up to 986hp plug-in hybrid system.

Extreme supercar specifications and record-breaking performance underscore the driving pleasure of the hybrid Ferrari SF90 Spider and is complete with a retractable hard top. Versatility does not mean a compromise on performance. The synergy between the internal combustion engine and the electric motors delivers up to a heart pumping 986hp and puts the SF90 Spider at the pinnacle of all supercars.

The all new E-Manettino manages power flows and offers 4 driving modes: eDrive, Hybrid, Performance, and Qualify to maximize the balance of driving performance and conserving battery power. Maranello’s legendary V8 internal combustion engine and three electric engines can go 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds and top at 211mph. Release all inhibitions as you cruise down the highways of the City of Brotherly Love with the wind in your hair in the eminent SF90 Spider.



Maranello’s designers ensured the SF90 Stradale’s signature styling remained in the SF90 Spider. The V8 engine is still beautifully in sight even with the RHT stowed. Optimized aerodynamics creates a low center of gravity to reduce drag and increase downforce. The vortex generators in the front bumper and front diffusers are to thank for the increase in front downforce. Forged wheels are uniquely designed with the spokes and outer channel equally spaced to act as wings. In the rear, the active shut-off gurney regulates airflow in order to reduce drag. Tail lights have been redesigned to better suit the ground hugging exterior design and new headlights improve visibility through active beam control.

Like the SF90 Stradale, the Ferrari engineers included over 50 innovations to the SF90 Spider including: the first plug-in hybrid Ferrari, 4WD, increased aerodynamics, HMI display, eManettino with 4 driving modes, and not to mention the retractable hard top. 

Notably the plug-in hybrid architecture in which the internal combustion engine is integrated with two electric motors at the front and one at the rear. The Assetto Fiorano is a special version of the SF90 Spider, available on request, and designed to further enhance the clear racing spirit the car already has.


Interior details behind the wheel are directly derived from Formula 1 in order to enhance driver safety and experience. The new E-manettino that replicates Ferrari’s signature Manettino allows for the driver to expertly manage power flow between the internal combustion engine and the three electric engines. The technologically advanced cockpit is complete with a 16” HD digital central instrument cluster that is curved. Simplified touch controls on the steering wheel and a redesigned layout allow the driver to maintain the “eyes-on-the-road, hands-on-the-wheel” philosophy. The Head Up Display allows data to be projected onto the windshield so as to not distract the driver. While closed, the hard top ensures maximum noise insulation. In just 14 seconds, the driver can engage the top to go down and make the exterior part of the interior.

  • Maximum Power 986 hp ICE and Electric Combined
  • Maximum Speed 211 mph
  • 0-62 mph 2.5 seconds
  • Maximum Torque 590 lbs/ft at 6000rpm
  • Maximum Revs 8000 rpm V8
Bore/Stroke -
Boot Capacity 74 liters
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Maximum Power 986 hp @ 7500rpm
Specific Output 195 cv/l
Maximum Torque 590 lbs/ft at 6000rpm
Engine Type Hybrid V8 Turbo
Maximum Revs per Minute 8000rpm
Laptime at Fiorano 79.5 seconds
Maximum Speed 211 mph
0 - 100 km/h 2.5 seconds
0 - 200 km/h 7.0 seconds
Tyres and Rims
Front 255/35 ZR 20 J9,5
Rear 315/30 ZR 20 J11.5
Front Winter -
Rear Winter -
Fuel Consumption
Combined Under Homologation
CO2 Emissions
Combined Under Homologation
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Length 185.2 in
Overall Width 77.7 in
Height 46.9 in
Wheelbase 104.3 in
Front Track 66.1 in
Rear Track 65.0 in
Dry Weight 3681.7 lbs
Kerb Weight -
Weight Distribution 45% front- 55% rear
Ranger Under Electric Power 15 miles
Front 398 x 223 x 38mm
Rear 360 x 233 x 32mm
Electronic Controls 8-speed F1 Dual-Clutch gearbox